4K at JES is Cooking

Students in Kim Gilley’s and Shannon Williams’ 4K classes have been cooking, at least in their imaginations. After reading the book, Mud Soup by Rebecca Gibson, they took to the outdoors to gather ingredients for their own pot of soup. Just as in the book, they gathered dirt, leaves, sticks, and stones. The placed it in a bucket filled with water and stirred, stirred, stirred. Though no one volunteered to taste the concoction, their culinary skills were deemed a success.

Reviews of the soup varied, Brayla Davis said, “Mud soup is the best!” Ellie Davenport shared, “I liked the dirt.” “I like the stones because I love them,” declared Aimee Kelly. Mason Seawright stated, “I liked to do the water and all that stuff. When asked what the takeaway of the learning experience was, Caroline Bland, teaching assistant was quick to point out, “Seeing kids make a book come to life is the best part.”

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Top Picture: Mrs. Williams’ class participates in a question/answer session during the soup making.

Bottom Picture: Ms. Gilley’s class shows the finished product and the book which inspired the lesson.

Left to right: Lucas Justice, Calleigh, Maddox, London Holloway, Cashous Gantt, Kaiden Buff, Sam Collar, Sha Lazire, Kingston Williams, Dextiniy Cheatham, Kyle Holmes, Honesti Johnson, Ja’zuir Norris, Aaliyah Barnes, Zamaria Hibbert, Logan Watson, Bre’Niyah Hill

Center: Clark Green, MaKayiah Carnard