Johnston Elementary students, faculty, and staff spent the week of March 26-29 participating in career related activities.  Monday was “JES is Crazy about Education” day.  Everyone joined in the fun by wearing school colors and crazy accessories.  Future doctors, nurses, policemen, ballerinas, and teachers were found in the building on Tuesday, “What do YOU want to be when YOU grow up?” day.  They “Dotted their I’s and Crossed their T’s with stripes and polka dots on Wednesday, and ended their celebration Thursday with “Team Up for Education” by wearing favorite team jerseys and attending an assembly in the gym featuring the Scarlet Poms, Newberry College’s Dance Team under the direction of Carolyne Horton, JES K5 teacher.

Another feature of Career Week was presentations by guests from a variety of careers fields who spoke to the students about the specifics of their job.  Each grade level had a specific day for their speakers and rotated through three different presenters. Presenters included an author, firemen, law enforcement officers, doctors, nurses, a welder, cosmetologists, photographers, realtors, and football coaches. Tiffany Freeman, JES guidance counselor and coordinator for the week stated, “Career Week is important for our students because it gives them an idea of what careers are available in our community and surrounding areas.”

Top: Te’Aisah Greggs, Mira McClendon, Jack Collar, Zemirah Johnson, Brantley Enlow, Meziah Odom, Amya Martin, Colin Campbell, Daytron Merriweather, Kayla Barfield, Jazziah Moore, Jeremiah Fairley, Akana Howard, Connellus Marshall, Kahleel Madison

Middle:  Lucy Whatley (future artist), Joseph Greene (future potter), Kierra Palmore (future nurse)

Bottom:  Newberry College Scarlet Poms with K5 students Katriunna Mathis, Francisco Rodriquez, SiNaya Broadwater, Chance Burton, Janiya Cummings, and Tyler Stevens