Johnston Elementary students are 100 days smarter and their teachers are 80 days away from the end of another successful school year.  On February 6, JES students were surprised by faculty and staff members dressed as 100 year old people.  This was just the beginning of the activities planned by their teachers.  

Celebrations for the 100th day of school took place throughout the building.  Many of the activities centered on number lessons that involved counting objects or simply counting to 100.  There were 100 snacks counted by 10’s on plates and 100 Fruit Loops counted on counting mats, and then strung onto necklaces. During calendar time students counted 100 pennies then read books about the 100th day of school.

The older students participated in various writing assignments which included:  “I would like to have 100…but I would not like to have 100…” and “When I am 100 years old, I will…” Some students drew self portraits of how they thought they would look at 100. Child Development students used their thumb prints to make balloons and entitled their art work, “Up, Up and Away on the 100th Day”.  

Second grade teachers incorporated activities into their math and science lessons.

The students used 100 pattern blocks to make designs, rolled two dice and raced to 100 using a hundred numbers chart, and answered 100 math problems. They had a 100 cup tower challenge that required them to build a tower using 100 cups. They also divided into groups and used 100 marshmallow and toothpicks to make geometric shapes.

The last activity to recognize this special day involved all the first graders forming the number “100” in the gym. It was a great way to end a fun-filled day that involved loads of learning activities.

A Happy 100th Day banner greeted the students as they entered the school.

First graders formed “100” in the gym in celebration of the special day.