JES “Launches” Leadership Program

Johnston Elementary has “Set Sail on the Leader-ship” and is now a Leader in Me school. Based on the ideas in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the Leader in Me process teaches how to become a leader at school as well as in one’s personal life. The habits as described in the book, The Leader in Me, cover 7 tenets that help achieve the goal of being an effective leader.

During the 2017-18 school year, the faculty completed a book study and began incorporating the 7 habits in the school day. Students learned general information about the habits and used them in making personal decisions regarding their work and behavior. Prior to the beginning of this school year, the faculty and staff attended a two day training that focused on each person becoming a leader and strengthening our understanding of the 7 Habits. The idea is “you need to internalize the habits before you can help others to do the same.”

The first eight days of school were used to immerse the students in the core ideas of the process. Each habit was covered in detail. Students wrote personal mission statements and each home room developed a class mission statement. They have applied for leadership roles just as one would do for a job. Those roles have been assigned and students will carry out their responsibilities until a new group applies and is chosen at the beginning of the new interim period.

To better inform families and the community, JES held their open house, ”Leadership Launch”, during the school day, September 21. Students hand wrote invitations and were responsible for delivering them to their families. On Friday, September 21, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students gathered in the gym. Each homeroom, grades 3-5 presented a skit with one of the habits as its topic. Led by Mrs. Naidu, music teacher, grades CD-2nd joined with the other students and performed the Leader in Me song. Parents were then invited to visit their child’s homeroom where they could speak with the teacher and view the hall displays which featured the home room mission statements other habit related materials.

More than 100 friends and family attended, making this a success according to JES principal, Tammy Martin. We have seen such positive growth in our students and our faculty. Being able to share with our families and our community what the habits mean to us and how they help develop leaders was an amazing opportunity for our students.” For more information about the school or the Leader in Me visit our website, or our Facebook page, Johnston Elementary Bears.

Pictured are the Leaders of the Week chosen by their classmates.

Bottom Row: Devin Corley, Trenquilis Mathis, Christopher Culbreath

Second Row: Rylee Thomas, Mary Grace Fallaw, Joey Corley, Kenya Lee, Kadence Jones,

Third Row: Jimmy Brown, Ellie Davenport, Ma’Kayiah Carnard,

Back Row: Logan Cato, Mira McClendon, Karsyn Rawls, Te’Aisah Greggs, Malachi Williams, Lane Whatley