Each Friday, Mrs. Naidu’s music students in grades 2-5 are given the opportunity to share their talents with their classmates.  During the last 15 minutes of the last class of the week, students have a chance to showcase a musical performance that is either prepared or impromptu.  It may be a solo or a group effort.

The acts encompass a variety of talents from singing and dancing to playing the guitar or violin to showing off their piano playing skills acquired in the Johnston Elementary Piano Academy.  Some performances are serious and well rehearsed while others take on a comedic air especially when Karaoke is involve.

When asked why Talent Day is part of her weekly lesson plans, Brooke Naidu, music teacher, stated, “Giving students the opportunity to express themselves through singing, dancing, and playing instruments is the goal of Talent Day in music class.  Some students may be shy initially, but I have found in many years of teaching music, that most students come around to participating in Talent Day in some capacity.  The ability to express one’s self in front of an audience builds courage and confidence, which in turn builds integrity.”  Johnston Elementary demonstrates one more way of engaging, empowering, and enriching their learners.

Top picture:  Jasmine Barnes, Armani Coleman, Taylor Collins

Bottom picture:  Aiyan Odum, Perla Gallegos Alvarez, Edward McKenzie, Carl Widell